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Muse: When there was Love

When there was love
I saw blue clouds,
Clear like the sweet spring
Leaping in joyful bounds

Love and Christianity Nature Pastoral Series

Self Reflection 28: Humility

The way up is down. You don’t know how strong you are until you forgive someone who is not sorry for what he/she did or until you accept an apology that was never given. That is real strength.

Nature Pastoral Poetry

Golden Sands by Robin Bliss

The mystic ocean laps gently on the golden shore
The azure sky
The golden sands
The aqua sea
And the green grassy bank on which I sit
Captivates my mind
Fills it with joy and peace
I hear the sound of a guitar playing
And piano
Softly in the distance
As I sit in the shade of the palms
The sea birds calling
The waves gently lapping
Soft breeze moving in the palms
My troubled mind is calmed
Such s serene and lovely setting
All is well in my world
All is well