Africa culture/tradition lifestyle Nature Pastoral Poetry

Simple Things

Remind me daily of how lucky we are;
Of green trees to climb and the free air
Of distant farmland stretching into sunrise
Of waterfalls and rocks that we hide & seek
And numerous pretty birds that we see

Africa culture/tradition lifestyle Nature Pastoral

Thoughts on Covid-19

Even with the breaking news of confirmed Covid-19 cases in Abia State, some still doubt the media and think that the news is a hoax. People can be stubborn you know, add ignorance and then you can imagine what it can birth.

The human nature is fraught to benefit at the expense of others. This pandemic has become a money spinner for some people. Now substandard products flood the market. Consumers will have to exercise extra care when selecting safety products (hand sanitizers and face masks).

Advice: Remember NOT to touch your face, especially the nostrils, eyes and mouth. Don’t touch walls, public railings, seats, generally things that are for public use or outside your home. This will include eating out, using public cutleries, handshakes, hugs, and other human intimacy. Use disinfectants and spirits always to clean surfaces, bought materials, and yourself.

I’m sure we will overcome this. We need to take care. Stay safe.

Africa education lifestyle Nature Pastoral

Update on Covid-19: Abia State

Just got news that there are confirmed cases of the virus in my state.

People has not responded well to the call to sit at home. Businesses, parties, and social gatherings go on secretly. Starting from today, the police will be arresting anyone without a face mask in Abia State. I’m not sure if this Police command came late but the virus is here already. Arrest or no arrest, law enforcement agencies can spread it also.

I’m not scared and I don’t want anyone to be. We just need to be more careful. Stay home and be safe. My prayers and thoughts to everyone.

Africa culture/tradition folklore lifestyle Nature Pastoral Poetry


Envelope me in your warm embrace
I’m safe, when I run to your open arms