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Fantasy: Dream with me

Let’s lie on green fields
Close your weary eyes
Dream with me of a pretty land

I want a tree by my side
And a bunny out there too,
Sunshine, cute clouds and blue skies

Let the sun wear her garment
And her warmth mild upon us
Let tree leaves shade her light

So I’m a musketeer in Camelot
A fantasy in my restless mind
But what do you dream about?

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Prayer for the Earth

Continue in prayers
-Colossians 4.2

The night is colder than the last
Dreams fly away like the egret
But we won’t let go yet
Now cold nights are strong
Even when all seem wrong
We run to faith to rest

Heal us now, dear Lord,
Let this evil storm pass,
Let the raging storm wear out,
Let dew settle down to on our land
Let the wet dust grow new seedlings
And the trees bear sweeter fruits
Let fallen logs give the soil nutrients
And may life go back to normalcy
We pray for strength to ride this storm
Never say never before before the day breaks
And I lead to lift my eyes to the Hills
Hear me, blessed Heaven, heal the Earth
Let us see the golden sun rise again with joy

We pray again, dear Lord…