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My Facebook Poll on Covid-19

Recently I set up a pool for my Facebook friends. Though response was low I still got a reasonable answer.

Out of 49 viewers/votes, 84% voted NO to the question on the image and 16% voted YES. I reached out to the YES voters to ask them for reasons for their choice. Some admitted they chose YES by mistake (and since they can’t undo the vote let it be) and others have mixed feelings. As it is said, majority carries the vote. Clearly, 84% is more than a half of the total voting sample and from YES answers, no tangible evidence exist that government is doing well in that regard. These are people’s opinion.

Conclusion: The Nigerian government (state and federal), are not doing enough to curtail the spread of Covid-19 and general welfare of people during the quarantine.

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Amuse: Singina likes my tales

“I remember your funny and lovely tales,” she yawned
“You complete my day with those poems of yours!”
At first I wasn’t sure of what I did right exactly,
But as a shepherd I find pleasure writing about life,
Telling of my travel, of my long days and how it ends
Now, tomorrow I shall tell you another tale
If seriously you love these tales I tell you,
Then you must pay attention, for it is not a lullaby
But some tales are ill: when I fought my fears;
To swim in the great river which flowed west,
And when I caught a forbidden crab from the river
I must tell you for you wished to hear of the Python
That took a traveler who was saved at the last point
Do not gasp, pay great attention, for some of my lyrics
Are not just songs, but words others say or teach me
So you must pay great attention to what I say, Singina