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Lockdown by Greech Psalms mgms

As I’ve watched the streets thru this glass wall..
Sadness envelops my world…
Nobody walking on the streets …
No jeepneys, buses and private cars busy moving around…
No children playing in the park….
No more restaurants to dine in …
No more shopping malls to buy something…
No more bookstores selling my fave book author…
No more courier services to ship parcels from coast to coast!
No more chance of having a tour this year-
No more recreational park to hang out…
No need to wake up early for school and work…
No more dates to spend with friends…
No more smiles can be seen any longer-
No banks to transact about money matter
No traffic !
Most of all no mass gathering !
Oh! The bridge is temporarily broken-
It is Lockdown..

The world now is really scary and different !
All I could see and hear is the terrible wailing of the busy ambulance !
Rushing sick people to the hospitals..
Panic buying is experienced everywhere!
Like ants under a huge tree busy hoarding food for rainy days-
Almost of the people in the world have stopped working!
Am pretty sure there is a big famine all over the world if this lockdown continues…
Really, I cannot bear to face all of these
Life is fragile, short and sudden!
Look!..Everything that is happening now –
Putting one’s life to the edge and even death!
The news on TV and newspapers are:
Heartbreaking !
Nerve wracking.!
Teeth- gnawing !
keeping me restless…
Dragging my life down-
Keeping me detour from a dream!
keeping me on bended knees.
Kept me staying in one corner , like a hog on a pigsty!
Oh! No, the world is scary and different!
But these issues in life cannot break and stop me from believing –
That right after today ” there is a bright tomorrow”.

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When Leadership inspires

Leadership is a great responsibility. It’s in no way a small feat because it involves handling other people’s issues. For the public to trust anyone with power and authority such a person must have earned it through evident charisma and selfless character. A leader is open minded, available to lead the way, and be able to test the waters.

Consider this short video I pulled from the movie Gladiator and observe how the soldiers reacted when their General appeared. I noticed the increased morale as the General walked through the rank. His courage and confidence alone was an inspiration for his men. I was inspired by his charisma too. They won the war by the way.