Nature Pastoral Poetry

Poetry Challenge by Robin Bliss

When the Moon Dies and the Wind Cries.
Oh! April what can you bring?
The final blow;death to Summer?
Even though it’s warm and dry.
I know that this warmth is false.
Ah! Fickle month filled with lies.
For this warmth means death.
Pretending that all is well.

But! Soon the icy coldness comes,
And Winter lurks in the shadows.
The dying leaves are testimony,
To your cruelness even the moon dies,
And the howling wind cries alas,alas.
The birds leave or shelter deeper,
In their nests,fluffing their feathers.

And so silently the end of joys.
Approach;But! this I know, surely,
Our love my dearest,my lover and wife.
Our love will flourish and burn,
Even more brightly,this Winter.
For true love cannot be put out,
By coldness or freezing rain.

Let the moon die and the wind cry,
Howling around the house outside.
For I know that with the Springtime,
Golden Wattles will bloom again,
And the lovers moon will be shining,
And our souls will rejoice once more.
For we are one forever.

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My thoughts on Love

I love you, and I want you to know.

We know that love is a feeling and a state of mind, desirous to be there for someone or see a person succeed or be better. This desire lead to kind acts and actions summarise it all. Yet love can be expressed verbally.

Who needs to know you care for them? Everyone! Family, friends, co-workers and neighbours. Acts of love are passed through our kindness and compassion for people and living things. How you treat people and your environment speaks volumes about yourself. Kindness, compassion and selflessness are loving virtues. Anyone who loves others loves himself. We are love creatures.

Loving someone means, “I love your life, your intentions, your interests, your aspirations, your hopes, yet you’re not a threat to my life and aspirations.” So I enjoy loving you for you.

While we pray and work to cleanse our land of the virus, reminding someone of your love can bring hope. Drop a beautiful message to your loved ones today.

It’s a rainy morning. I’m grateful to love you another day 💛❤️💚😘

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By Still Waters

By still waters, happiness is found