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Smile for me

Smile for me beautiful child
Show me your happy face
Let me find inner peace
Because of your beautiful smile
Do not be shy
Let those lips part,
Let your joy fill me with hope
Let me see those little dimples
And the lines of your face
Smile for me pretty African child
Let go of the past,
Smile for your blessed land

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Africa culture/tradition education lifestyle Nature Pastoral

Information on Covid-19 in Local Languages

This is Umukwu, Amune Ovim in Isuikwuato. An uncle sent this video to me yesterday. I’m happy to see this happen. Now that information about the virus is spread through local languages, I expect to see some change in attitude and willingness to observe social distancing. The video is in Igbo language. I think the same should be done in other parts of Nigeria, especially the North and other African nations as well. This way our rural populace will know about the virus and how it can be avoided. There’s an English version here. Kudos to all that organized this. Stay safe everyone.

Learn Igbo language.

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Self Reflection 23: Generosity

Spare a coat, clothe the naked
Spare a spoon, feed the hungry