We are a circle

Dear friends,

It’s a new month and I greet you all. I write for your support. I know the world is passing through difficult times but honestly in Africa it’s a different story altogether. I’m not shy to ask for help and nothing will be too small for me.

In Africa, we experience poor/costly internet connection, have little access to research resources and electricity issues. Despite all these challenges, seeing your vote, like, comment, share or a new follower keeps my heart and pen warm. I need your financial support as well. You can never know what a dollar or two can do. As a low income earner, I can’t depend on my income alone to keep this dream afloat.

I’m grateful for every donation you make to this blog. My PayPal email is, alternatively I’ll include a Paypal link below. Thank you for your kindness and support.

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Cheers and Love 💚

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Blessed New Month to you

*April 1, 2020.

I’m grateful for life and for my family, friends and followers. I pray for a blessed and fruitful month for everyone and the healing of Earth.

Love ❤️🖤💜💙💛💚