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Stay Safe

News of the spreading virus makes the headline each day. I think everyone can play a role to stop it. I’m impressed and grateful for the effort, resources and time our health and medical workers employ to contain the virus. I think bloggers should help by talking about it and sharing information about the virus on their blogs. I shared a video on this sometime ago.

Advice: Stay calm, panic can only cause unnecessary worry and stress. Make sure to follow health safety measures. We can always pray and have faith.

Stay safe everyone. Love ❤💚💜💙💛


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I love you homeland

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Another visit to Ovim’s Hills

If you encounter tablelands and rocks, hills and valleys, waterfalls and streams, abundant trees and virgin forests, all set in one quiet countryside, you will agree that Ovim is really blessed. Ovim is situated on ancient hills, a beautiful place for camping and outdoor fun. Each time I visit I get healed by her beautiful ambience. Welcome again to my home, Ovim. I was on transit, so couldn’t captured images exactly. The grasses had turned brown and I noticed that some ponds had dried up. I saw school children play in the fields, near their school and heard birds sing from the cover of trees in the forest. Don’t take my word for it, visit Africa. Want a blog or website like this one? Then click here.