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I wonder why we, sophisticated humans find it hard to love. If we all can take a lesson or two from ants, the world may just be as peaceful as the anthill.

I saw on Facebook a video of people being tormented and executed somewhere in Asia and Christians in Northern Nigeria and a human was busy recording. We have come to a point that someone falls in a ditch and people around will first take a video of him before trying to save the person. It breaks my heart and I think we have failed. It’s painful, as I write and in no time will sleep, thankfully in peace that some people, children, women, men are hiding in forests and caves, away from comfort. I pray that God intervenes and that we look beyond the mirror called self. If all religion preach peace and love, then can we let this love lead?

Good night everyone.

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Self Reflection 11: Feed your Faith

Feed your faith, starve your doubts.

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Happy birds

Take flight happy birds
See where the world ends
Take no note of your stress
Just live for another fine day