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Homesick rhyme

I’m coming back, that’s my happiness
Tell the strong boys and beautiful girls,
Get the boys to gather much wood
And the girls to sweep the compound
I have got many stories for all, haha
So get ready, our nights will be longer!
Go on, run along now, and tell them

Tell Mama that her smiles gives me joy
Tell Papa that town won’t corrupt his boy
That I sing my heart out whenever I remember home,
Tell my siblings to hold on fast,
For I’ll be home before they knew it
Tell them I hunger for palm wine beer
And that I miss my people and land so much

Tell the hunters to prepare their guns,
Tell the farmers to clear the farthest land,
That I’m ready to hunt the deep forests
And ready to sow a lot of cassava stems
Tell everyone to get ready for moonlight tales
For I’ll tell the tale of the tallest giraffe
And how he ate the sickly moon half!

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Let’s take a walk

Let us take a walk through the pine forest,
Under the cool shade which she provides,
Through the path where tree leaves form a cushion
And a place where squirrels make their abode
Let us walk pass the dark shrubs in the hot noon,
To feed our eyes on mother Nature’s wonders,
Through lands where green forests grow,
Through gardens of roses and the Jacaranda
And where streams flow fast towards the estuary
Let us take a walk through lands where men grow flowers
And when they blossom, they pick them for the ladies
And happy ladies dance for the love of men

Come let us take a walk through my mind’s eyes
Let us write a story of our own imaginations
And walk the path which no other human ever walked
Come let us give life to stories of lands far away
And lands where the sun rise with her golden might
To stroll through the fields called love
And drink of elixir which heals all pains
Let us take a walk through God’s word and humanity
Through sincerity and purpose, care and selflessness
To hope that jets drop cucumbers and not bombs!
Come let us take a walk through fields of wheat,
Let us gather the slow snails and slugs with a rake
To make fun of the things which stay around
And when the night come, to make our moments
Gladly warming ourselves on a fire out the fields

Africa culture/tradition folklore lifestyle Love and Christianity Nature Pastoral Poetry

Muse: Life

Quiet breezes roam this evening,
I let my weary mind stroll with it,
Walking it down these streets of life,
And reflecting on life’s true meaning,
Aware of seasons, of sowing and reaping,
I wonder if life come in such seasons,
And when stars die, if they fall off from heaven
Or if there’s such thing as human reincarnation

Life is like an early morning mist,
Hot days, its woe as it may dry up the mist
Now I lay, thinking of life’s secrets,
And what may become when I finally find it