Nature Pastoral Poetry


I arrived school with headache as I was stressed from doing many chores and sleeping less. I was a nanny, a mother, a father and a guardian, all put in one. Also, Jindu was sick and I nursed him.

When my mom took my sister to the hospital, I had to prepare Jindu’s meals and got him ready for school each morning. I made sure he had all his supplies, including his drugs and came home on time to stay with him. This made me not to hang out with friends as usual. I combined my hectic job with family chores and errands to and fro the hospital. My sister eventually died a week later, 6th February, 2020 (May God rest her soul).

The crux of the write up is on these two girls: Modesta and Favor, some of my best math students who noticed my unease and sadness when they came to my office. I wasn’t in the mood for chat so I just replied their greeting and tried to focus on my note. Normally, that was a clue for any student to leave me alone. But the girls left and returned later with a toddler from kindergarten. Excel, the toddler is fond of me and likes playing when she sees me. I was to her a playmate. When Excel made a face, I couldn’t help but laugh and we did play our hearts out. I felt the joy those students had seeing me laugh and I believe they must have seen the appreciation in my eyes when I smiled back at them.

I’m grateful for the caring and lovely people around me. Your prayers and comfort make me strong by the day. Thank you so much. I wish you all a great weekend.

Good night everyone.

Africa culture/tradition Nature Pastoral Poetry

Elegy to you, Peace

I remember your smiles dear sister,
Your struggle to live in this pathetic world,
Your last smile and when you slept in peace
I glad that your pains are no more
Though I miss you and we may live alone
I still see tree leaves fall from the window side,
Sitted on the lawns that you fell upon
I see regrets pick through the grass
While soft winds play rush in the hospital
But you, you are no more to smile for me
And watch nature play before our eyes

I shall fear no more for your pain, adieu

Hello everyone. I lost my sister, Peace Iroegbu, yesterday night to an accident. I haven’t been myself lately and can’t concentrate on my work. Please include me in your prayers.