Nature Pastoral

Tales of the Wildwood: The Beginning

Let me tell you about this poetale which was before "Summer returns" and journey of the Ice King who traveled away from his love, the Great Mountain. 

Winter brought her cold blanket and all living things knew not what to make of her appearance. 


Once upon a Time
It was winter
And a night of bitter cold
The snow lay thick upon the ground
And upon the branches of the trees
Two Woodcutters made their way home
And when they came to the Mountain
She was hanging motionless in the air
For the Ice King had kissed her
So cold was it that evening
That the animals and birds
Knew not what to make of it
‘Ugh!’ snarled the Wolf
As he limped through the brushwood
With his tail between his legs
‘This is perfectly monstrous weather!
Why doesn’t the Government look to it?’
‘Weet, weet, weet! Twittered the crickets
‘The old Earth is dead
And she is laid out in her white shroud’
‘The Earth is going to be married
And this is her bridal dress’
The Turtle doves whispered 
Their little pink feet were quite frost bitten
But they felt it was their duty
To say something romantic about the 
‘Nonsense’ the Wolf growled
‘I tell you it is all the fault
Of the Government
And if you don’t believe me
I shall eat you’
The wolf had a thoroughly practical mind
‘Well for my own part’
Said the philosophical Woodpecker
I don’t care an atomic theory for explanations
If a thing is so, it is so
And at present it is terribly cold’
Nature Pastoral Poetry

Tales of the Wild Woods: Summer time

When beautiful summer came…

Upon the glades and vales of the wild woods
The Mountain took her position and stood quietly by the forest side,
Sniffing the sweet smell come from fresh growing flower shrubs
Happy birds came flying home
Followed by pretty insects and the boar herd

The skies tinted with blue skirmish
Sometimes seemed to rain, but it won’t
The tomatoes ripe fast and blush deep
Whenever the black beetles walk up to her for a chat
The sun shine brightly, amused at all reunions
For the community knew many happy times
This was one of those beautiful moments, exhilarating
Antelopes graze majestically beneath tree shade
And squirrels hide behind the branches, watching
“Awww, do you see that?” the pink footed Doves quiz themselves
For in a sudden, a seed came sprouting from the last snow dot
How joyful it was, the Mountain wore a dark gown
Waiting for who dared to admire her triangular shape,
For her lover, the Ice-King travelled far away to other lands
Carrying with himself; all stray winds, both little and mighty
Maybe, to find another lover, but she believed not that
For she heard it as a rumor from the busybodies grey Wolves
The Pines look taller, the snow has left their frost-bitten roots
And when they look down, they feel good about themselves
“Oh, how awfully painful the frost bite was on our foot”
The crickets wonder, leaping from a grass leaf to another
Allowing the wet airs to sift through their fine long body
“The dead Earth is alive!” They yell in utmost joy and unison
“Look at the Mountain, must she dress scantily
Now the Ice-King has no use for her iniquities?”
A confused Wolf said, hiding his face from the sun’s light
“And what beauty she has brought forth”, a Linnet replied
“The flowers blossom in magnificent desires
The tree leaves are greener, and the airs milder
But are all these, the only wealth of the summer?”
The philosophical Woodpecker asked as he shook his head
For to him, the soul of living and happiness
Comes not in the summer nor the winter