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Family is Energy

For more than a week, the waters of our rivulet Oko’pia has been chalky. Villagers say each time this happened, an animal (Atah – Alligator) is digging away at the source. I don’t know where the source is and honestly if I knew I wouldn’t go. 😐

Our farm lies further away from the village and we always cross Oko’pia to get there.

Yesterday we went to dig up yams and I got these images.

Now it’s almost time to go back to town. Work will resume in few days! I had fun helping my family in the farm and seeing good old friends. I feel refreshed and revived for work. Family is energy! 😌

I have a piece of advice for everyone this new year: Never forget your family and good friends.

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Egypt: Land of the Mummies

Here is Egypt’s iconic pyramids taken by a friend who went there last month. Welcome to Pharaoh’s land!

There’s a lot to see and do in Egypt and the African continent. Visit Africa today.