Love and Christianity Nature Pastoral Poetry

Merry Christmas Eve

As we progress to the year’s end, remember to enjoy the people God has put in your life. Drop all forms of disagreements and grudges, be humble to serve others, let things you can’t control be and try to help people. Forgive and see things from different angles. Never forget to spend quality time with your family.

Call someone, send love notes, text messages and gifts to people. Don’t worry if the love you give is not reciprocated. But be happy and contented. Someone appreciates you.

As we reflect on the significance of Christ’s birth, remember to take care of yourself too and to have adequate rest for the coming year.

Let’s have a merry 2019 Christmas Eve! Love ❤😊🌲

*image from American University of Beirut

Love and Christianity Nature Pastoral Poetry Series

Christmas Stories 2

“Tonight the stars will guide us to the baby
Take your cloaks, it will be a long journey”
One magi summoned his excited companions
It was dark but they prepare their camel train
Cold airs spread the late evening mist
As they marched through sand and dust
Winds soared, it was darker up the clouds
Sometimes they rode, at times they walked
And when they grew weary and faint
They let themselves and camels rest
Taking their water cans to drink from it,
Greeting shepherds traveling East
Three they were, with starry happiness
As their guide and strange compass
“Ah! What beauty are those glittering stars,
Can you see, one outshines the others!”
Quickly they rose to continue with their quest
Stars glitter as they journey through the desert…