Love and Christianity Poetry

A lovers poem

Will you stare into my eyes when I say I missed you,
To see the strings that hold my heart melt before your gaze
And the fire in my soul dance for the joy of beholding you?

Will you hold these tired hands and caress it
As a skilled guitarist would with his instrument
To assure me of undying love even as age chastise us?

Joy is my love when I see your happy self look at me
Conveying words that only my gladdened heart see!

Nature Pastoral

How I see trees

It’s grandeur how trees culture mushrooms,
Gathering all little termites to themselves
And providing their needs of shelter and food
Their branches are playground for monkeys and flies,
They shed leaves which serve as bed for worms below
Birds nest and sing from the farthest of leaves,
Squirrels hide and seek, throwing nuts at strangers
For man; they are food, shelter and warmth
Their roots are seats for weary travelers
Their fruits are snacks for playing children
And when they breath out, they give life to all


Trees are important members of our community, therefore shouldn’t be taken for granted. Trees play a vital role in our world.