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Herd of Elephants

A group of Elephants is called a herd. Elephants are herbivores and peaceful animals. Sometimes writers call them “Gentle Giants.” They are found all over Africa and are territorial.

Elephants are social animals and love mud bathing. Most of their day is spent grazing. Their diet include barks, tree leaves and roots.

Here’s an advice: if you ever face a charging Elephant, do not run. If you stay put, it will turn back from you!

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Granny’s Compound by ‘Jindu Iroegbu

Here’s another painting from ‘Jindu, my little brother. He’s amateur but I see talent.

This one is named “Granny’s Compound.” He explains why: “Whenever we were at Granny’s place, we had fun and played under the trees. Granny’s place is small but her heart is big, she accepted everyone.” Granny’s Compound was a melting pot, people came to her for advice and provisions and she shared the little she had. God bless her soul.

It takes imagination and creativity to come up with this and I love the simplicity.