Australia Awards Africa

The Australia Awards is the cornerstone of the Australian Government’s development assistance program for Africa. It provides access to postgraduate education, training and professional development opportunities for suitably qualified Africans from eligible countries. On their return to the workplace, Australia Awards alumni are expected to contribute to the development of their home countries.

If you know anyone who might need to apply for this, share with them. For more details and to apply go to the official website of Australia Awards Africa: Good luck!


World Cities Day: Gaborone on CGTN Africa

On World Cities Day, correspondents of CGTN Africa traveled to Gaborone, capital of Bostwana to find out what makes the city special and how governments can make improvements to increase accessibility for persons with disabilities.



Like strong surging water worrying
Seeks to drive Joy and Peace away,
It throws parties for Depression and Self-pity,
And gladly the duo fix what should or should not be

Worrying clenches open palms,
It crashes great resolutions,
Reconfigures good dreams,
And creates for the mind, fatal walls

Like calm and still waters,
Mindfulness pays no heed to life’s turbulence
It gathers fruits of peace and joy
When Life teach one to fight none of her battles;
Blessing the patient and those who hope faithfully,
Teaching how contentment value lesser gold,
How self control and temperance may avoid worrying
Even in loneliest days and darkest of nights