African Myths 4

It’s a good and rainy evening.

Welcome, again to another episode of African Myths. I will take you through some of the craziest things you might have read today. Have fun.

As a growing kid we were told not to walk behind our elderly ones. If you do, you will see evil spirits and they will kidnap you! 🙄

If you are the type that likes hanging out with mirrors, hmm this is for you. Don’t look at the mirror in the night, because if you do, you will see your spirit and die. 😭

Do you know the mortar? It’s a wooden kitchen tool used to hold food meant to be grinded. Now if you sit on it you will never grow tall. The mortar was my favorite kitchen seat when I was little, I am tall now though. 😏

Aha! Have you heard that going to bed on an empty stomach will attract an evil spirit with gongs? Maybe the rumbling hungry stomach was the sound they thought came from their evil spirit. I will pass. 😌

Don’t spit on the floor if you don’t want your tongue to go perpetually dry! Wait, everyone is guilty of this but no one ever seems to lack moisture in there. 🤔

It is believed that when sudden quietness descends in a noisy place that a ghost just crossed. 😐

What about dwarfs? They are always rich, everyone of them and if you dare laugh at them you will become one of them. 😮

It’s believed that when it’s raining and shining also, that a wild animal just gave birth. Ridiculous right? 😳

The last for the night talks about keeping witches and ghosts out of your house by blocking the entrance with a broom. I may see some sense knowing that witches ride on brooms. 😬

Good night everyone!

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African Proverbs

Look at this proverb, what do you make of it?

Not everyone who chased the Zebra caught it, but he who caught it chased it.

– South African Proverb

Explanation: Sometimes what we want may not come the way we want it or we may not even achieve that! But then, to attempt to achieve something one must try.