Wait for me by Johnny Drille

Johnny Drille gives us a touching country music. The first time I saw the video I got all emotional. Enjoy this African beat.

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Celebrating Philanthrophy: Lisa Jo Symonds

Today I came across an amazing person who is working to help improve the lives of rural orphans in East Africa. She supports the Hope For Rural Orphans, an orphanage based in Mbale, Uganda. Permit me to introduce Lisa Jo Symonds, the author of The Hands That Held Me. She is from Adirondack, New York, USA.

She funded the Ugandan Water Project to give the community a well and rain water collection/filtration system. This happens to be the community’s first access to clean water. Thank you Lisa, celebrates you. May your resource from which you bless others never go dry!

This is a big thank you to Lisa and people like her all over the world. We are grateful!

If you would like to contact or support the orphanage this is their Facebook page: