Love and Christianity Pastoral

The Shepherd King

If you are conversant with David’s story in the bible, then you can recall that he was a lad who led his father’s sheep to pasture in the forest. He learned to fight, for he fought off Bears and the Lion that came to steal the sheep. He learned to play the guitar which came handy when he played for King Saul and most importantly, he learned to care, to love and to serve others through his affection for his father’s sheep. God used shepherding to prepare him for kingship. Consider people who tended sheep and how they ended in the Bible. Joseph, Moses, Jacob, all tended sheep. It takes humility to serve, to do the dirty jobs, no one is willing to do in the house. Now all of these people later led their people in one capacity or another.

The themes in this piece is hardwork, humility, service and diligence.

Your present situation may be a preparation to greatness. But remember that as far as you are doing something meaningful and legal, there’s hope of a brighter day, of a greater leap! Even if the beginning is bleak, know that God is shaping you for something great! Don’t give up now.

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Thoughts on Contentment

Most vices become when there’s a lack of contentment. Burglary, pilfering, all manner of stealing, falsehood, and even hatred of oneself are all discontentment factors. I asked some elders about their thoughts on contentment, and they gladly led me through their wisdom. As we all know, happiness is a great virtue worth teaching our younger generation.

This rhyme may not be their exact words, but it captures the central theme: self-discipline.


Do not seek extra gain
If to another it causes pain
Even as you gather wheat and profits
Remember the sick, weak and needy
Be you; wherever you may find yourself
For in self-discipline, one makes a disciple of oneself
Finally, ultimate joy and peace is found in little things
You needn’t look far, for such things start from the family