Look beyond your past

In the morning I wrote a hasty poem titled “Looking Beyond”. I also tried to finish a large chapter of a book I was reading. This book (God’s Generals by Roberts Liardon) told stories of how great men and women once wallowed in shame, failure and defeat. It also narrated how their resilience, patience, hardwork and faith brought them their breakthrough.

Many factors contribute to a person’s failure. Unpreparedness, laziness, procrastination, faithlessness, not paying attention to details and more. But I am just concerned with what happens after each failure?

I do relate to failure. Most people do. In my case, I have lost count of the number of job/scholarship applications that was unsuccessful. I can recall writing admission tests four times before getting into the University. The year I got admitted, I was the first in the admission list! That same year, I was admitted in three different schools! So success came because I continued trying. Failure itself is a tonic for success.

People who constantly look back to the past find it hard to move on. Whatever happened in the past should remain there. Learn from past mistakes and try again. Just look beyond your past.

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Look beyond…

There’s a poem I like to write
That tells about a place
Greater than failures and mistakes
This place will accept me right
If I can let go of my inglorious past

There’s a song I like to write
Of a dream waiting to come
I will teach my heart these rhymes,
Hum the notes and lyrics each sunset
But I must let go of the past

*Note to follow later in the day.