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African Folktale: the Crows and the Cuckoo

It is evening here and I feel like telling you a story. Bring your mat, come sit with me outside, by the fireside and let us enjoy the night breeze.

Once upon a time there lived a set of Crows which plundered farms. Each day the farmers try to catch the Crows to no avail, for the Crows moved in droves. In this same town lived a timid Cuckoo. The Cuckoo became friends with a Crow who introduced him to his group. Now the Cuckoo ate the groups food but whenever they went to plunder he seldom followed.

One day, a traveller arrived the town and during his stay, observed the Crows and offered to help the town. He got a big white net and with the help of farmers tied it on several tall trees which surrounded many farms. It was a trap.

As the Crows planned the next attack, they convinced the Cuckoo to join them. Off they all flew. When they settled to eat, the hidden farmers dropped the nets and it came crashing down on the birds. None could escape!

As the farmers caught the Crows they saw a Cuckoo among them. ‘How come?’ They asked in surprise. But all the Cuckoo could do was cry and beg for mercy. The angry farmers won’t even listen. They destroyed the Crows with the Cuckoo.

Morals : It is wise to know who we call a friend. If a thief is your friend, you might be mistaken as one. So being cautious and careful of our company is important.

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Thoughts on Family

Sometimes things change, but we begin and end with the family.

Family is everything. It’s the final bus stop for every one. Please think of the prodigal son who returned to his father when he lost everything.

Here are some notes on what to do to keep positive relationships with your family members.

Don’t let arguments or fights take away your happy moments. Sometimes I may be right, and if others won’t see things the way I do. I let things be. Respect each other’s opinion.

It’s good to let go, to forgive. Humans err. No one is perfect. Apologizing and forgiving quickly when you offend someone will nip a growing grudge in the bud.

Be the humble one in the house. If you serve others, you will see things from a milder perspective. Obey your elders. Rebellion pays no good tidings. Celebrate each other’s success. Be happy for any progress made in the family. Show your loyalty and concern. Support the family in any way you can.

Family time is precious. Evening family time is a great time to let steam off and share the day’s experience. A family that plays together stays together. I learned more about life in my home than in school.

The relief that comes with having family time is unexplainable. Features of a happy family differ from one family to another. Please permit me to include warm smiles, warm hugs and advice, and warm soups in the essential part!