Sharing the Love (with Franklin Onuoha for Charles Iroegbu)

Happy birthday big brother. I have joined with Franklin Onuoha to dedicate this to you. I give credit to Franklin for the Title. We wish you greatness, peace, happiness and love. We celebrate you.

Sharing The Love:

If I would chose three
Of people and things
To take with me on a journey
You will be the first brother
Then a book and camera
To record our moments, all of it

True friends is a taste of love
Sometimes salty, other times sweet
It is like the sea’s white waves
Not knowing what will wash ashore next

It is laughter
A smile, a brothers
It is Providences’ way,
Of selling us other versions of our naughty selves
If my life was good before our meeting
It is even better now with your friendship

–Oke Iroegbu (Oiroegbu)

–Frank Onuoha (Fonuoha)


As he thinketh…

Know that whatever you will become is a function of your thoughts. We are what we think. With our thoughts we make our world. What you picture in your mind, your mind will accomplish for you.

Consider the image above. While the world saw a cat, the cat saw himself a Lion! We could be greater if we can guide/guard our thoughts.

Resist low thinking, self pity, self comparison and depression. Be positive. Equate thoughts of failure with success, miserliness with wealthiness, pain with joy, hopelessness with hope, strife with peace and hate with love. Be determined to control your thoughts.

Think big and achieve big!