Africa Nature Pastoral

Dreaming of Summer

Summer is a dreamers tale, told in advance
In this dream; grasses are green and squirrels dance

Summer is the song of comfort in the hearts of many
It refreshes, renews and brings solace to the wary
Summer is the wild flower growing by the roadside
An adorable fragrance from shrubs, sweet and mild
Summer tell stories of the hare and the butterfly,
Of frogs on ponds and Sparrows nested high
Summer is a dream to many
A beautiful time to be happy


Photo credit: Peneex George-Baton

Lessons from Experiences Uncategorized

Positive Attitude to Life

Life is in minutes and seconds. There is no such thing as a bitter end, because an end is the beginning of something new. Learn from mistakes and keep moving. BTW only the living can make mistakes. So be thankful for life. Life is like a building that can be renovated and rebuilt from scratch.

Be contented why searching for more. A little that makes you happy is greater than many that makes you miserable. Show kindness and mercy to the weak, give to the needy, hold no grudge and forgive easily. Have faith in Jehovah, as your sustenance.

In the bolded, one can find true meaning to living.