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Let’s Tour the Alkebulan by Abdurrazaq Mubaraq Adebayor

Come walk with me to African blessed abode,
To see the wondrous beauty the Earth has bestowed;
We’ll bask in the surreal splendor that surrounds us,
And listen to nature composing the streets hustle and bustle,
As car honks and random disc jokey tootles across the street,
Sending our minds wandering into a poet’s lovely dreams.

We’ll walk where moonlight sets the streets aglow,
Weaving twinkle stars to dapple golden light on all below;
Where trees shade us from summer heat and harsh rays,
Freeing our minds so we can see Mother Nature’s ways.

Let us stroll in spring’s forest where we will reap,
The joy of Earth awakening its children from sleep,
And hear life’s chorus and watch its offspring grow,
As waking trees renew their canopy over all below;
Come share with me the African spirit at rebirth,
So we too are reborn within this temple of Earth.

Every now and then let us answer the African call,
If we listen with our hearts as we walk among bourgeoisie,
To come see life’s beauty and the miracle of it all;
We may understand the message carried on a breeze.

These are all entailed in the land of the blacks,
Black on the outside but pearl within,
Leaving a life with little or no slack,
Where different tribes and culture all live akin.

©Abdurrazaq Mubaraq Adebayor.

Trust me, I just learnt that Africa was formerly called Alkebulan. Thanks to this amazing, young poet.

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Muse: Lullaby

What is the sound of lullaby to you?
Is it the touch of raindrops on rooftops
Or the mild, soothing voice of love?
Will it be a swift palm upon a light drum
Or the Sparrow singing her heart away?
To me, lullaby is a touch to the soul
What the body is too heavy to feel!