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Amuse: Little flower

Dear Little Flower sitting,

On the wooden plate

I can’t help but wonder

Why you glow, so red,

Will it be, the squirrel

Asked you out

And now, you’re red with blush?

Africa education Lessons from Experiences Series

Thoughts on Africa 3: Education

Research is diligent inquiry or examination to seek or revise facts, principles, theories, applications etc; laborious or continued search after truth.

Interestingly, the definition ended with search after truth. Apart from expanding the thinking horizons of man, research seeks to discover the why’s and why nots. Research offers sound recommendation and suggestions that can help fix problems.

Education is meant to improve lives. An educated man thinks critically and ‘out of the box’. While we have educated Africans we barely research in Sub Saharan Africa universities. One of the main goals of establishing universities is to improve our social, economic, health and political lives. This may be achieved through research.

Many universities in Europe, North America and Asia create new knowledge through research. Some good researchers in these universities come from Africa. So my question is, why do we not encourage research in African universities?

Why do African universities lack behind in research? I will try to list some reasons why. In future posts I may explain them.

1. Lack of motivation.

2. Lack of research materials and instruments.

3. No funding, as research requires much of it.

4. Even when proper research work is done, the recommendation is most times not implemented.

I may write more on this in my next Thought on African Education.

How is everybody? Remember our motto: Be good, be kind.

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