Muse: The African Bride

‘I will never leave you!

I will deh with you…’

He said,

Tears rolled, freely

She wept

As her face went red

It was clear he meant it,

His words cut her open

She must believe

So he went away

To fight in the World War

When he returned to Africa,

It was, with a body charred

From unseen bullets and wounds,

And a soul

Which will not love her anymore


A poem of Happiness


Gift your hair your hands

This is a great feeling…



New Media Writing: Open for 2019 entries!

The NMWP has attracted entries from the very best and most innovative writers in the field, from all around the world. For the 2019 competition there will be four prizes: The if:book UK New Media Writing Award, the Unicorn Student Award, the Dot Award, and the Digital Journalism Award.

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Thoughts on Happiness

Happiness is a state of the mind. Joy, cheerfulness and a state of prosperity. When you are happy it affects activities (the environment) around you. It shakes away negativity and gloom. Happiness is when you don’t worry much on materiality. Contentment is related to happiness. When you are content with what you have then you have no reason to be sad. Waking to the morning sun, healthy and being grateful is contentment and breeds happiness. So what makes you happy? Why should you be happy? (To be discussed in the next thought on happiness).

Life shakes us all up. Sometimes we have a bucketful of water, other times we have nothing. But the truth is only the living can enjoy the warmth of life. An Igbo saying goes thus Life (health) is greater than wealth, (ndu kariri ihe eji azu ya/ ndu ka uba). So when you are alive, just be thankful and happy. We may not have it all. But are you aware that wealth does not make one happy? So as we struggle for our daily bread, resist any kind of sadness. Look for every means to be happy. If you have a friend that makes you laugh a lot then you are even luckier!

Also, to live a life of happiness one must be grateful. Understanding that you lived another day while many couldn’t make it, will give a picture of relay race. You are still in the race.

If you are reading this, I want you to be happy. Don’t wait for others to make you happy. Treat yourself, make yourself happy. I will write a poem of happiness in the evening.

Good morning from West Africa!


Tell the Stars

Tell the stars

To dress the skies

For there’s a banquet coming,

And everything must be in order,

Every dark cloud must be lighted

So let there be light