Three songs of the Night: The Shepherd’s Tale, a Star and Stinginess


The Shepherd’s Tale:

Fast, from afar

The sun set

Golden streaks touch the skies,

So the sheep bleat with joy

Full bellies rumbling with forage,

In anticipation –

For the night came slowly

With her was the sweet breeze

And all left to worry about

Was a good night rest


A Star:

There’s a lone star up the sky,

Glittering feverishly

Bothered by the dark night

And the bright moon shine

There’s a lone star up the sky

From the window you can see

Her struggle, weak and faint

But giving light to heaven



Stinginess is when you hold back,

When the dreams of others don’t matter

And when all that matters is yourself,

So to take all won’t sound bad,

To see someone in want means nothing

And to care about others is not necessary-

Aye! Guide your heart

Secure all that you consume

But do not be stingy with your love

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Thoughts on Loneliness 3

Today I was in school (where I work) and really enjoyed the time I spent with my favorite students and friends. I had a lot of hugs especially from Helen, a primary school kid who took fancy of me. I teach the secondary section but my friends mostly are those little kids at the kindergaten and primary who run about and play every possible play they could around me. I enjoyed those smiling faces. Most times, during break time, I visit the primary section to see my friends. What a welcome I always get! It warms my heart to see such love, undiluted! I will love to feel that way again and again.Why did I start this post with that little story? Because I wanted to draw attention to the fact that even an introvert needs some air. You needn’t stay away from people (include kids and pets) even when your senses are beating drums to. When I open up to nice people, I feel better and I could get back to my thoughts feeling very great!Man is a social animal. Yes! So don’t keep yourself back to yourself. Sometimes reach out and when people reach out to you don’t always hold back. Bless people with your time, attention, love, smiles and hugs. 😊😊😊


Thoughts on Loneliness 2

Introverts do see themselves as threatened species. What I mean is that they feel overwhelmed in the crowd and most times misbehave in such environment. I, for instance can relate to this. I feel so consumed and inadequate when I’m in a place full of people. I won’t say this has to do with less self confidence but seeing a lot of people who share little or nothing with me turns me off.

I try to belong when I find myself in such environment. Act as a Roman when you are in Rome, right? At the end, I come back to myself and count my gains and losses of moments ‘wasted’ sitting with people. Understanding who yourself wants to spend time with is very important. Most times, you really need to spend more time with yourself. This is not being anti social. I believe we are not meant to force ourselves on people or to belong to a group. But, a little advice goes thus, try to belong sometimes not to displease yourself but to spend time with people who might be in dire need of your time and attention. You can always have yourself afterwards.