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I’m a Titan!
For I dance under the greying skies,
Strip the trees bare of green leaves
And watch it slowly die with my pitchforks

I’m a Titan
I tease the streams and oceans
So when they wash up dying lives on the dust
I pity and sigh with discontentment

I’m a Titan
I dig the earth to make empty caves
And when it rains, the land slides
Down, upon surprised villagers

I’m a man
I look to profits more than my future
In snow, rainfall and sunshine
Adding my gains, without a thought for the growing pain



We are living in the reality of global warming. Believe it or not, the numerous natural disasters occuring are all functions of our work, years past. It is time to sit up and work to restore the Earth’s health. We can’t be healthy on an unhealthy Earth.


When love is wicked

Your love became wicked

When I watched you walk,

When you wished me away