Your smile

Your smile is an elixir

To my soul,

When you smile at me

I take in more joy and life


The Flock

I dreamt of a flock
How I’d watch them graze
But I’m always out of luck
Like a mirage my dreams erase

For some of the flock are mirages
And their mirages, people in my life
Those who cast their nets before my bridges
And dream to reap where they sowed strife


How then do I reach them?
They are only but shadows
My weird thoughts I thus blame
I’ve lost faith in all those


Well trouble not the strange past
In the queer struggle of life
One must learn to cost trust
And know that it must with time thrive



There are people who are in your life for what they get. Some are just monitoring and watching to see where your struggle will take you to. I collaborated with my brother and friend to capture this, in this piece. The flock will represent people who are in our life’s for the benefit they get and disappointments, mirages of how we must have expected much from the flock.


Dear Rendezvous

Dear Rendezvous,

Tell the green trees, I am coming back,
That the stars won’t fall from the darkening clouds
That the nights will be as airy and sweet as ever
And that our love meeting will remain beneath her shade