Let’s dance in the Rain

Let’s dance in the rain

Throw me a handful

Catch my water blow

And throw me another

Let’s play under the rain,

Hides and seek

Catch the rain drops

And take your trophies!


Share my Dream

You shared my dreams

For when I put my pen to a paper

You were always there

To turn my wishes to reality

And all these while you stood by me

Now, what more can I pray for?

That I remain steadfast in your love


Cheerful Friends

Cheerful friends are much more,

They contribute to our happiness

And joy through their benevolence

Memories of their actions

Bring warm feelings and always soft,

So we feel secured with their thoughts

Cheerful friends are like young tendrils

They grow with love and are selfless

Even in one’s grieve, they bond to purchase

When our ego’s suffer,

They give their’s to make you happy

And in a friend, you find great loyalty