Nnem (My Mother)

Nnem oma, my sweet mother

My best friend!

Onyem, m ji eme onu

Daada! Thinking of you

Gives me great joy!

My first love, my creator!

Ina enyem obi anuri,

Ina akasim obi,

I can not quantify this joy

You are my blessing


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I think everyone should be appreciative of their mothers. Infact I am blessed with a loving mother. A teacher, a disciplinarian and a lover of God. They say when counting your blessings count your mother twice. This is a piece for my mother. She works so hard and has taken many sacrifices alone (husband deceased) to bring her children up. I salute all mothers.

I know I have expressed some terms in Igbo language ’cause I couldn’t find the right English words. I will try to translate.

Nnem oma: my good mother

Onyem, m ji eme onu: my own, the one I brag with

Daada: used to greet matured people

Ina enyem obi anuri: you give me joy

Ina akasim obi: my comforter

Nkechinyerem: The one God has given me


Muse: Piece of me

I give you a piece of me

To share in my personal joy,

To share in my stories and tales

I give you my time

To prove how valuable you are,

To record each second we live

I give you a piece of me

To prove to you how much I care,

And how your love inspire me


In the Beginning

In the beginning

God made man

So that we could make poetry

To teach and talk to our souls