Muse: I am hu-man

I was not carved from stone

I am not a sculpture

Or painting of any kind

I live in a civilized culture

I eat much food

And live in a town

I dream of the woods

I dance when no one is watching

And I may be different from you

I may see things differently

Most times I am kind, sometimes rude

I may be your friend or your enemy

But I am human just as you


Muse: Green

Nature’s blood


Life’s culture

Sweet airs

And a host of pretty views


Oxygen tanks

Green is man’s hope

If he desire not to end up swinging from a rope


Ubochi taa (Today) : Igbo Love poem (Abu ihunanya)

Ubochi taa

Anam ede nke a

I gwa gi otu ubochim siri ga

I maram ka onye na achi aturu

Marakwa na enweghim ihe niile ichoro

Ubochi niile anam akpahara ohia

Na acho ihe aturum ga eri

I mara na enweghi ihe na enyem

Obi uto karia ndu mkpachara anya

O bu nke a kam ji agwa gi,

I gwa gi otu ikem ha

Mana otu ihe m na ekwesi gi ike

Bu na m ga enye obi uto

M ga edu gi ga ebe di anya

Ebe nani mu na gi ga ebi

Ebe anyi ga agbanari anya ndi mmadu

Ebe anyi ga aku ubi ma rie ya

Anwu ga a cha n’iru anyi

Mmiri na asu asu ga abu mmanya anyi

Anu mfe na ndi bi n’ohia ga abu ihe nlere

Ma mgbe chi ga eji

Anyi ga edina, lekwasi kpakpando anya

Mu na gi ga ako akuko abali

Ma were obi uto hiri ura

Nke ka nke, obi uto gi ga abu uchem

Learn Igbo language here.



The Igbo language is known to be blessed with a romantic heritage. The tribe is also known for their story telling and tradition. This piece highlights a lovers poetry, obviously the lover sees through the eyes of the poet. The Igbo is a proud African race and love to pronounce their love verbally and in action. There is an English version below.



I write this piece

To tell how my day went

You knew me as a shepherd

And knew that I have no wealth

All day I go in search of forage

For my flock

You know nothing brings me joy

Than a simple life

That is why I beseech you

See how far my strength can go!

I assure you

Unlimited happiness

I will take you to the farthest land

Where we can make our abode

Where we can live without human troubles

Where we can farm and feed

And where the sun will shine

The waterfalls will supply our drink

The birds and the wild will be our muse

And when the night shall fall

We lie down to stare at the stars

We shall tell many tales

Cuddle and sleep with happiness

To end, your happiness is my aim