Zingina, this song is for you

The pretty young maid

You that sets our village on fire,

Fire of desire and lust

You whose dance paint many pictures

On the minds of hungry men

The village square is your stage

And when the drums go beating

You throw your arms up the sky,

Twist your waist till the beads shake,

Calling out to the men who sat watching

You turn majestically, now and then

And the beads, green, red, blue

Follow your strong lead

The drums beat away

From the valleys one can hear,

From the riverside many heard

And from the village square people yell

For when the rhythm change

It was because you made a new move!

You took steps, one at a time

Showing thighs strong like rubber

Yet very soft as a chocolate wax

Each night you danced in the square

Men sleep, sighing through the night