Muse: Nature’s Art

Night rains are ways mother Nature tell her wonderful stories

From the curtains dance one can feel the strength of the rain

And the routes of her accomplice; the wind

Further away from homes, if you dare to look

One can see the wind dressing the trees hairs

Decorating the trees with every piece of material

It could carry…

Upon the candlelight casts a shadow of a farmer with a pitchfork,

Sometimes the images are ghostly, like a phantom with long fingers

If the curtain sailed close, behind the excited candlelight

The figures may become a weary ship on turbulent waters

Or a shape likened to forming clouds on the firmaments

The lightning and thunder claps reveal the climax of her tales

In her art, she paints and draws images of the lightning

Casting its irregular images upon her cloudy template

Her loud music needs no amplifier or speakers

Unseen trumpets belch out over the hills and valleys

The sound echo for more than a thousand miles,

Shaking the forests and everyone who found refuge in it

And when the rain drops descend on people’s rooftops

Drumming a soft, intimate rhythm,

It told of happiness, fulfilment and peace