Muse: Humble Home

Even when the sun set far away from you

It gives me joy to remember my humble home


There’s a place in my mind where my eyes desire,

Where my heart rejoice when I behold her beauty

The mornings bring abundant joy to me

And the evening is a delight I long for

Sometimes our pots are half full

Sometimes they are half empty

But the peace here is fulfilling


At breakfast Ma serves the honey bread

And will tell the tales of the stingy bees

And how we must not mess with those!

In the late evenings Granny will start her stories

She told of the countryside, and of the years she lived

I have learned my grandfather fought in Hitlers war

And he loved the things I so much cherished now

Aunt Nena has joked that I was my Grandpa’s reincarnate

It was a good laugh for everyone, nothing could compare to that…


To be continued


Commentary: This piece is dedicated to my late Grandpa, Mazi Abraham Duruoha, late Granny Uluocha Duruoha Chinyere and my late Aunt Nnenna Stephen. God bless their souls. Amen.

Image by my little brother: Chijindu Favour Iroegbu


Two poems: You remind me and the Owl

You remind me

You remind me of the sunshine

Dimples on your face like the half sun

Surface when you smile

You have become my pretty sunshine

The one whose face reminds me of the sun


The Owl

Dark nights are your playground.

You steal through the quietness

Striking the air with great talons

Keeping guard of the lonely streets

While the night your element, watched