May symbolizes every good thing life offers

It is the time of the year many flowers blossom

Sweet fruits bless the human taste

Vegetables provide the greens needed

Great wild winds ride the firmament

While the rains wash off the dusty plains

Upon the wild flowers that grow on the roadside

Many insects gather to feast on sweet nectars

On sunny gold colored clouds mornings

Away from human settlement…

Wheat and maize fields paint the land yellow and green

Bees and hoppers buzz, for them a bright day to ride

Trees are fresh, rivers rush and waterfalls wash down

Hawks glide, gators gape and monkeys jump about

Now within the little hamlet we call home

May is a paradise!

Mornings are blissful, spreading curtains

To see the endless patch of green land

Brings beautiful feelings of nostalgia

The smell of corn meal with beef stew

And fresh palm wine welcome the evening

From the early morning dew

To the evening setting sun

May gives a great story to tell