The Lightning

From my curtains I peered to see your flash

Before now you have kept my candle light busy

Trashing the paper work all over the room

And making jest of me each time I tried to sort them

You created monsters in the skies

The black clouds became your drawing board

And you drew the face of an angry man

Eye brows, silly nostrils, goofy mouth,

All disappearing as you spend your ink

One remarkable thing though was the wind;

She came with you, trifle shy at first

Then growing in dangerous might

Shuffling through the tree lines

So that the little ones may think

That the great Candy monster had come

The tree leaves fly in the damp wind

As their paper companions in my room

The heaven bellies rumble again and again

Trumpets speaking in strange tongues

But then this will be another muse of you,

And of your pranks upon our little hamlet


Muse: Teach me

Lay me by the side of the brook,

Closer to the brown colored rocks

Make me see the waters tumble over

So teach me how to be your lover