Three Poems: The Shepherd, Dance for me and Say you believe me


The Shepherd

Night calls

Stars glitter up the skies

Picturing stories

Which can not be told

So the Shepherd views all

From his bed of wool


Dance for me

I hear the sound of your feet

As they moved on the bare floor

So I looked to see the style for tonight

But in the musical crowd, you were lost

Swinging your hips

Teasing the generous crowd

And arresting men’s passion


Say You Believe me

The past won’t make me think less of you

Pain, hurts and betrayals won’t either

So I invented a formula for our love

But you must believe, before it works

I can make you smile in a hundred ways

Tell you stories about the queer Giraffe

And how she ate the sick moon half

Maybe we can act the noisy zoo

You as the Squirrel and I the Cuckoo

So I have imagined the world we can create

If you can say you believe me