A Whim by Pietro Polic #WPD2019

A twinkle in Oke’s eyes

Me thinks is worth a sigh

’cause love in all its facets he has shown

That we all live for love and love alone


Don’t let that feeling fade away my friend

Don’t let it dissolve in water and sand

’cause we all like that everlasting dream

Of beauty, softness and ice cream…



For this year’s #WorldPoetryDay2019 I have decided to publish the works of emerging and already published poets on my blog. Today and on the next few days I will be posting poetry from different poets from all parts of the globe. The #WPD2019 is a harshtag which will be used for this poetry event.


I like to give much credit to Pietro Polic, not just as a writer or teacher but as a friend. He believes in simple things of life and loves travelling. In this piece he has personified “Oke” which literally translate to me. What an honor!