Muse: Starry Night

There’s a star, on a traveling adventure,

Sailing through the cloud like a phantom

Without arms, she sailed against the wind

Stopping when she saw men gaze at her

Maybe when she stopped, it was to hide herself

But the glittering cloud, held many as her

So no one could pick her location exactly


This starry night brought lovers together;

In a particular place, it was a man and his pen

As man felt the airs and saw the nights fiesta

The pen painted it, from his imagination


Twinkling, the stars give their beauty away

Drawing tiny dots on the great darkness,

The dots glitter, some larger than the others

And when the wind was smooth and softer

Their presence fade, sadly, solemnly

As the darkness reclaimed them


Now, when the star resumed her solo travel

I saw why, I understood why she traversed,

Why it was necessary to find herself

So I held my eyes wide open to see more,

To see her shove through the choking stream

And when she came to a point she stood still

To give her light to the great darkness,

It was then that the breezy rendezvous ended


A lovers song

I will hype you everyday
Twist your curly hair,
Sing quietly even when you sleep
Write my poetry with my fingers
On your bare naked back
I will tell you my imaginations, my tales

And when we elope…
It shall be to the countryside
Far away from any town or village
Far away from peoples stress
We shall live with the wild
The flowers and life around
When the night falls,
We shall sit together
To watch the moon
Sing with the night
Our own lullaby and tale


The Silent hill

There’s a point where the earth touch the clouds

Twists, turns, the land thrusts up to meet the sky

By the sides, vegetation stood guard

From there the airs will whisper,

As the clouds watch quietly

When the wind pass in silence



The vision I see of your rising, great motherland,

It gets me excited and hopeful!

Your children spread like that tentacle of the Octopus

But one day, some day, You must gather them together

As dew cling to the leaves of trees in the morning

So do my hope, my faith in you Africa

You are bunch of inspiration

The Waterfalls, great rivers, forests and the people

In the midst of little you rejoice

In the midst of abundance you rejoice

Morning sun, lovely weather and the wild

There is joy in all you are growing to become

There is a song on the lips of birds

They sing for you, yes!

When the sun set, you gather your seeds

Even those far away feel your warmth

You mean love to me

And each time I pick my pen to muse

I can not help but ponder on your beauty,

My inspiration has become a burning candle in my heart


Musing: What if?

What if the hills on the countryside moved when it wills,

What if?

What if the waters from the ocean shone like gold,

What if?

What if men can fly like the queer night bats

What if?

What if beneath a painting there was a quiet monster

What if?

And what if love was the only language men could speak

Just, what if?