Nature’s Forest

Take me to the quiet streamside, where no mans traverse, disturbs
Take me to the land, where my eyes see the beauty of your love

The sound of swooshing forest trees bring peace 
Actually there is no name for such queer tranquility, 
The amusement provided by the choral forest enchants
And the sight of slow flowing clean streams brings joy

Collected dew gather on tree leaves
Then merging, one with his brother
Flowed in a fast row of fine water
Drop, down to meet the waters below
Creating ripples, now and then

The cold firmament above is covered in mist
Quietness, great silence shield the green forest
Now, the tree leaves dance, waving quietly
Brown leaves, some dark red and light green 
All move with the winds direction
Some bold leaves fall off the branches
Dancing- turning, twisting, surfing the wind
Some found leisure, settling on the water
Sailing off, quietly to other stream banks
But those who fell on the ageless rocks
Stuck to the grip of the Fern
Waiting patiently, for the Winds to free them. 

Tiny insects seeking nectar fly around the river mouth 
Slowly, but quietly those waters find their way thru rocks
Rushing peacefully, shining the pebbles, pushing stray fish off
The air is icy cold, so are the sweet, fine waters of the stream

Now, the morning paints a mild, quiet scenery, 
Which waits, quietly waits for the aves cavalry