Amuse: The Hen’s tale

First she walks for a while and then turns to stare…
She cackles, laughing at the appearance of these slim aliens
Wandering about, aimlessly, pushing all manner of carts 
And wearing all manner of fleshy things that smell awful
One thing is peculiar: these humans change their skins each day,
And it is unclear why a green skin will change to purple the next day
Although some will keep their skin for weeks, but those who did
Maybe are related to the green snake which lives by the pond 
Now I look at you petty human
And I think you are ridiculous
Walking shabbily on two legs,
Having no feather or plumage,
Having no wings or beak
But a big round balloon as head
And a goofy rude look as face!


Blood in the fields

Blood is in the streams,

Blood is in the fields,

Blood no longer flow in my system

Blood flow happily in lands

Where they once swore to protect

I thought that blood was meant to flow in me
But when I looked down I saw blood trickle out of me
I searched for a stream to wash my pains away
But it stuck to me, like an ant stuck to melted sugar
Tomorrow was a day I looked forward to but blood had blinded me
Grass grew on human flesh, the soil enjoy the moist they provide
Our waterfalls carry the blood of people who slept when their deaths came
So they slept on…
The hills of the Plateau cried, the waters of the Delta weep
This beautiful land cry out heavily, no one heard, so no one cared,
And now blood flow in the land freely, it no longer inside of me!

I don’t know why the world has kept a blind eye to what is going on in Africa. From Southern Cameroon to the North of Nigeria. From Central African Republic to Southern Sudan. From Somalia to Burundi and DR Congo. Africa is burning, preparing for a whole lot of bigger trouble. The world needs to look back, there is no more time, enough blood had been shed. 
The recent killing of innocent men, women and children in Plateau state of Nigeria is barbarious and uncalled for.


Night Rain

The night rain came swift with the surging wind,

These two brothers raced through cold and cloud,

Then the town center was left deserted, the road lonely

But in the midst of it all, the neighborhood slept happy.


The Hamlets’ songs

Tonight I write of a beautiful countryside

Nested in the forests, at the foot of hills in the East,

A quiet place that taught me the songs of Nature

And fed me with fruits fresh from all blooming trees!


In the morning, fine birds gather to build nests

Their strong choral concert disturb the neighborhood

Yet from the morning till the time the sun traveled home

They sang of strange places and gave noisy vibes

All we did was listen to their individual soft calls, which together was strong


The noon is given to the shouts of the children back from schools,

Back from the farms and far mills where palm oil is processed 

The dogs and cats played with the little ones under the tree sheds

And when the sun heat went milder, they came out to the sand

The cries of children rent the air, heralding the coming evening


And when the evening finally came upon the hamlet

The songs became the pestle that pounded the beans in the mortar

With mothers yelling at stubborn children who went awol on their chores,

The clangy noise of pot lids and the smell of locust bean soup

Welcomed the travelers and the moon which showed the hamlets footpath


Now the night brought a mischievous song for the mosquitoes loved the night

Mosquitoes whisper in the ears of the heavy sleepers and woke the little ones

But before the coming of these vampires, the evening songs were folklores,

The lessons taught children the need to respect the elders and to work hard

And in the huts were we sleep, we prepare for another song: a heavy snorers rap!


Muse: Strings of Love

Will you know true quietness when you see one?

Sure, I have heard the Pines sing a decade old song

I have felt the touch of Agape’s own hands on my soul,

I have watched as the waters rushed thru the stream

And I have listened to my heart play strings of love

Your love drives the engine in me, it fuels my mechanics

I walk with hope, I walk with your love that gave me hope

The days grow old and wither, the youth I see in you remains still

I swim in an ocean of sharks, your love are my guardian sharks!


The strings of love held us like a Dove tether’d to a heavy rock

I stand as this rock, ageless and fixed thru the long hard road

Yet you travel thru my youth, spreading your love like flowers

All over the way, all over my hopes and all over my dreams!