Evening Storm

Now the wind has come to announce the rains coming, 

Baskets flew up, rooftops shrieked, dogs ran about

And the community waited, for a storm was growing, 

The nights grew darker, pitch like the face of charcoal

At first, the moon had disappeared without trace

The clouds forming a strong ring of bully about him

A strong surge of air pushing into peoples embrace

Tossing dust and fine sand through the floating wind

Dancing in extreme ecstacy to the music which it sang

Calling or conjuring a rain which must fall tonight

Bending the huge Iroko, drawing dread upon the land

And when she was spent, a wave of rain came tumbling down


When there was love

When there was love, I saw the cloud

Clear as crystal, like the sweet spring

Leaping in joyful haste to other lands, 

Oh happy water, hissing away, joyfully

Tumbling off rocks, falling from heights


Now I sit musing over the fast flowing stream

Two things wont ever come back, water and time! 


Bamboo house

You have given us shelter and warmth, 

You have given us memories 

And reasons to smile… 

When sons of men laughed at your appearance then

Those wild boys threw stones and the earth pots broke, 

We hid in you at first afraid but later mocked their fruitless fight, 

But you, you stood bold and proud, letting the stones and words hit you

Sheltering us from the harm which men created in their caste, 

And returning nothing to them, nothing even one brick

And we can say it loud and clear; you taught us well! 

Now we have learnt humility, the need of not being vengeful 

We have learnt the need to be contented, to be satisfied with what we are


You stood proud even at the hungriest rainstorm

You stood tall when the sun rays bite the earth

We are proud of you, dear citadel

And now we see why we are grateful, why we must appreciate you! 

Image by Favor Chijindu Iroegbu


Set my sail


I set my sail to your heart dearest gold

I hope to sail till my strong hands grow old, 

To lands where the flower nectars bust

And we glad that the blue ocean sail with us


I set my sail to your dream, my puppet

I hope to dance with you as the sun set, 

To view the lonely islands that stand without 

And to receive the mild airs the wild brought 


I set my sail to the land of hope and joy

I set my ears to listen to the dolphin’s song, 

To the good sun that made the quiet waters glitter 

And to your love which made my life greener! 


This image was designed by me and my little brother Jindu Iroegbu.