Psalm: A poem of Love

I’m writing a poem for You, 
From when the golden sun rise

To when her rays go in the evening

I will tell how much I love You

How You made my future bright

For when the night rains are blowing

You were my shield and comfort 

I will paint Your grace on poetry

I will call it Your name, Jehovah Elohim

You have raised me from dust

And made my life sweet as honey

Thou art worthy, Thou art awesome


The Tomato’s tale

And today I met this round twins and sumptuous looking tomato fruit

By the side of the garden the plant grew, I haven’t noticed it till now


Hanging down from her stalk hopelessly like her weight was the plants burden

Where the ants made an abode, in and out they traversed without care

And hers was red with the suns anger and she seemed quite unperturbed

I looked at her again, she bounced about, shy, with the winds push

A huge fly buzzed about her loudly, deafening even I that stood a bit far off

She stared back at me, blushing with the winds unwelcomed surge, I shrugged

Well, hello little man. You have seen me much. To what do I owe your gazing?’

‘I am a passerby, I happened to catch your unusual color against the greenery’

‘Oh thank you, I was aware I wasn’t a museum the last time I checked that was why’

She was disturbed on my presence, it was uninviting, I would feel same too

‘Toh, your beauty has kept me dumbfounded, forgive me fair tomato fruit, 

‘I haven’t found one who combined both grace and grass to such perfectionism’ I said

With a wave of the leaves, the tomato plant seemed to dance or accepted my plea


And now if I let myself ponder on the life of this fellow, how lonely it seemed-

Fulfilling though, she was sitted on good clay, and the wind was her tryst anchor

Yet, I came to learn about this plant, her benevolence to her neighbors

Her humility and perseverance in the stubborn winds and noisy intruders, 

Her patience in the sun, the embarrassing ways psssersby stare at her nakedness

And the refuge she provided to others, to the bees, ants and we who find her a delicacy

This tomato had made me fall in love, not just with my heart, but with my stomach too… 


Musing of a Lover

I have thrown caution to the wind, and when I looked back I caught you staring

Your smiles warm my heart as the suns mildness upon the Earth on summertime

The birds sing on the branches outside, to me it is a welcome song of you and your voice

The grasses around the Rose flower smell great, same with the hands that planted them 

I have eaten my olive loaf quietly, in my mind I bake recipes that taste of your love 

Why honey, candy, sweet things melts in the mouth, your love melts in my heart 

Now I have seen my knee, I must knee before you, I must ask for another smile

To you I love, for you I loved, and you yourself I will continue to love

I see your hair fall by your side, I see your mouth pout in joy, I feel my heart leap inside

Your touch of victory I feel in me, one desire which I wouldn’t forget in life

And when I shall set sail to the days when our youth shall fade like falling tree leaves;

To my memories of you I will go, to the acquaintances, felt and unfelt I shall relive

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When I love… 

I have fallen deep in love with you

Yes, it is not even wild to tell the world 

Wink at me, when am lost staring at you

For with my love, you can be rest assured
You have given me the taste of honey

The days run by, your smile my best

Your lips, the one when pouted look tasty

Your fragrance is lavender and sweet
When I love, I sing and amuse myself

Your love has become my everything

You have become my moon, my chef

My rainbow, my favorite and my song