Remind me of the Rain

Remind me of the Rain

When it came crashing down
Upon the peaceful and mild Earth

Remind of the run…

The dances we do in the storm
The fun we had when we could

Remind me of this natural shower

The taste of water straight from Heaven
Of the feeling of oneness with mother Nature


Nature’s Ride

Crisscross, up and down
Gross side, rise and fall

The greens shine in the sun

Blur skies when it will
Sweet breezes, morning fragrances

Upon the fine Clement weather,

Daring birds plunge to catch the fishes

In all, Nature is left in her wonder


Dear June

Dear June,

The sounds of time revealed me to your music
The touch of your soothing skin, strong but mild
I stand love lost, wandering in the forests wild
For you; my acquiantance, my love, my all