Muse: Setting sun

Your pretty grey eyes sing
Your beauty, sweetly divine
When all ends, when we win
With our backs to the setting sun


Natures Poem

Tasty sops
Golden sunshine
Pretty flowers
Buzzing bees

All rent the words in me
They define your love I see


Muse: Love

Times change but in your fine eyes I see
A million reasons proving you are true,
You, your sweet love has changed me
And in all I like to be I am given to you


Lullaby, The Winds

When the humble evening quarreled with the travelling day
It turned out not to be wise, for the aftermath brought grim dismay

The aftermath, a heavy storm came riding on her way
She pulled stuff along, anything that went astray

Tearing, pushing against the curtained doors and windows
Flirting with the wind, so that the candlelights danced without care
First it seemed all will go upside down, like a swirling tornado
But as the storm came the streets got littered like the Lions lair

Windy airs ghost around, bound to the East or is it West?
Daring to tumble, to take on all that lay on her fiery path
The mildness of each burst of air, a reminder that the night is set
And that airs like the ones of the sea brought tidings as sooth

Now sweet breezes and mild whistling from the Pines nearby
Class out a host of unseen voices which sang a melodious lullaby