A Muse: When morning comes

When morning came
Fresh was the flowers smell
Through the window it came
And over the little well
That sit lonely each day
To where my body lay

When the morning came
The clouds woke from sleep
And the sun doing the same
Dew dance off, early birds sip
Fine pockets of white
Heavens own firmament

When the morning came
Neighbors frying pan sighed away
Perhaps it was that lovely dame
Ah sunday, always a blessed day!
Wait that smell, it must be ginger
Breakfast will be different, lighter

When morning came
The sun light repaint the world
Rivers and her inhabitants lay calm
Dogs bark, flies buzz, nothing is odd
Hamlets and towns wake with the light
A new beginning, a new story to write

When the morning came
Words get softer and milder
Hopes grow, grieve tamed
The birds fly away, to somewhere
Morning breeze bring fortune and peace
And a handful of heart warming bliss

Peace be unto you always


Ina Murna

The song on my lips are ones of rejoicing and dancing
Come don’t mind the sand storm that bother our gathering

My voice is not enough to sing, come join me make merry
See the green fields and fine birds have no sorrow, no worries

Smile the whole world waits to hear your tale
Do not withhold it, let it out it is surely well

The wind of stress play with us in the mornings
But, kei! We have the sunless, heatless evenings!

We can stay on the field or under the Cashew tree
Wait now, listen; you mean everything to me


Initially I was trying to add more Hausa to the lyrics, but I am still learning the language and so far so good though. Perhaps some day I will be able to write an all out Hausa poem as I did for the Igbo. Another boost to the pen I humbly say! Have fun…

Ina murna: ‘I am happy’ in Hausa language. The Hausa is tribe of Northern Nigeria with several unique tradition and customs.

Sanjuma*: ‘Good bye’


Lullaby: Moonshine

”Where there is shine, there is a way…”

Take a walk through the pathways that lead to the village center
Pass the heavily treed garden of sour grapes and locust bean
And the ever singing Pines that border the town from the forest

Upon the skies, like a print of gold on the darkened grey clouds
A circle of light descend on the carpets of grasses and leaves
Creating a pathway of light to and fro, there and then, here and now
The fruits which hung on the forest shone like Christmas trees
Airs of the wild Nature, the rarest play on the moonshines command
Drawing faun, flora and man to her warmest embrace of light

…And for the faint and weak a very good night sleep to savor


My Muse: The Sun

Why the sun travels with me I do not know,
Trying to hide from her prove futile each time
Yet I miss the warmth when it is dark and evening

The gold upon the clouds are her handiwork
The dust smeared greens are her art piece
The tree leaves fall gayly, quietly on the winds
As the seeds of trees fall ‘plum’ into the waters
Making the small fishes scatter in great confusion
And the glittering of flowing rivers show the suns talent

She works tirelessly to bring on the heat of life
Sucking up the cold and mists of the previous nights
Summoning the beetle, the flies, the bee and the adder

Now in my loneliness, I wonder why the sun went with me
And why when I hid she still sought to find me with her heat


the tryst

“Come my tryst, come my lover…”

I made you my love, and it come in form of a rare bead
Which you wear in the heart of your hearts
Where memories fall and rise, play and replay in ecstacy
My own joy is not built upon your beautiful face,
I am graced to have a soul refined, pure and pretiful

Permit me to write this poem upon your back
Let my pen be your guest this evening of wonderful airs
Throw your hands up, watch me sing to you of the Frog
Of the Willow Tree and the queer Nightingale which sang

I invite you to a two man drama; not Romeo’s, not Juliet’s
Just you and I, under the full grey moon shine
Stand aside, let me show you the new dance I learnt
Come nearer and let us see our faces, even closer
Come let me tell you of my love and how loving you set me free…

Nothing excites me more…
Nothing reveals truly your love

It is hidden like the tendrils
Beneath the Oak trees barks
But yet when this tryst comes
I know I am loved beyond measure



Dusts, sand, white clouds and falcons
Hawkers, sellers, buyers and people

I see the grin on your face,
One print of queer grace
When you say ‘Sanu*…’
‘And how do you do?’

The days are hot here
So we try to walk bare
Chilled water feel our gullet
And to some balance we set

The modern market center is a small world
I see many race and tongues come around
To the passerby, to the lorry, to the meat cleaving man
We have all come for a purpose; so have become a clan

‘Kei, buy my some sugar cane
Sweet it is, taste it, take one’
Hasslers disturb my peace
Throwing wares in my face

Army of bike riders drive about
With them a cloud of thick dust
Thick silty sand clog my boots
And to it they gave a new look

In the early mornings, the sun rise
A happy glow it spreads upon my eyes
A memory of vast lands and people
And a story I must make quite simple

Salaam alekun

Sanu… A popular Hausa greeting
Salaam alekun… Peace be unto you

Lafia is a city in Northern Nigeria, the present day capital of Nasarawa state. I have traveled to the state and can see how welcoming these people can be.


I am Nigeria

You have smiles on your face
Reminds me of my beloved siblings
No need to see you thru your race
You are you; one, unique and winning

Igbo kwenu! Kedu, olee, how do you do?
Come in, have a sit, taste this dish
You come in peace, we surely know
To you, all good things we gladly wish

Have you seen or heard the names we bear?
We are the people of God; Oluwa, Tamuno and Chukwu
We are unique; our food and the dress we wear
We say ‘Oshe’ which mean the same as my ‘kwongo’

Kei! Listen my cattle moos behind the huts
Can you hear? How tasteful the milk, fetched this morning?
When the nights come, gather for some cream sauce
Don’t forget to visit; come once, come all, salaam alekun

I can be Berom or Mumuye, I can be the the Efik or Igala
Don’t seek my race first before knowing me
I am Ijaw or Tiv, I am Edo, I am Ibibio and the Idoma
So don’t judge me because I was born a tribe to be