sunset, evening

Clouds gather above
Casting shadowy troves
Red skies like the wine
An evening, a pretty sign

The lonely tree stand at ease
Like a fiery dog free of her leash
She swerves with the clouds songs
She enjoys the love, the attention

The hills grow up to meet the sun
Shades grow behind huts and men
Tentacles of the palm tree paint
A running masquerade on the silt

But whence travels the sun
Leaving us with grimfaced evenings
Of memories of the fine day
And sweet, finer things to say?

Red skies, white clouds
Surging winds, so loud
All mix of Heavenly hue
Soar like broth of brew

Awestruck, beautiful are the skies
When the sun set before our eyes

Can’t you see?
Can’t you feel?


muse: act now

See the leaves fall before our eyes
While the chimneys puff our smoke
Should they all fall before we see?

The wind blow hotter airs
And the sharks sail closer to us
Are they scared or want food?

The snail shells are broken
They sleep longer, they die earlier
Soon the butterflies and bees vanish

The forests deplete when we seek mean food
Rivers and streams turn black with crude oil spills
Industrial wastes lie here, there, walk to and fro

We lose our borders to the deserts and oceans
Singing patriotic hymns as national anthems
We forget the issue at hand

Erosions, earthquake, they say all are natural
Consciences say otherwise, what have we done?
Never again or is there time to reverse all these?

The oceans rise when the glaciers melt
My pain is the fact that the globe is dying
My anguish is the fact that we are killing it

I ask myself why and…
War’ are we waiting for?